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Do you use a car green?
Car is one of the most comfortable types of vehicles but it is the main disturber of the comfortable urban life: traffic jams, millions of cubic meters of exhaust gases, wheels ribbon, noise, vibration etc. Moreover rate of car number growing breaks all records.
There are two ways to mitigate these problems:
- car enhancement,
- car-use reduction.
The car enhancement is a prerogative of the car producers but the car-use reduction completely depends on car owners. The car numbers is growing in parallel with reduction of average number of car occupants and today it is around 1.6 men per car. Therefore this factor has high potential for optimization. The same is about use of car cargo capacity.
Correspondingly, if you are a car owner and you want to improve the situation, you can share the trip with friends, colleagues or someone else.
If you live in the countryside, you can also help delivering some food to your urban colleagues.
Green Auto Book is a tool that helps:
- to find fellow travellers for car owners and vice versa,
- to deliver something,
- to buy or to sell ecological food directly from the farm,
- to reduce emissions, congestion and expenses.

All you need is 3 simple steps

1. Register and feel your Profile information 2. Fill your routes or farmery information 3. Check for connections and send requests
You should fill out the following forms:
- Profile - your personal information,
- Routes - your routes,
- Farm - your farm/food consumption information.
Then you'll find the most appropriate partners on the Request page.

History of idea
The idea is about about such old as ca... actually as our human nature. People shared horses, camels, bikes and then cars. However internet tools has definitely simplified and globalized it.

The names of the idea you may know:
ridesharing, carpooling, slugging, HOV

The green hosting
Of course our green site uses the green FatCow's hosting that is powered by 100% wind energy. Note that ordering FatCow's hosting via this link you keep Green Auto Book working.

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